Chapter One // Polaroids

"Because that was part of the beauty of the Polaroid. Mystery clung to each impending image as it took shape, the camera conjuring up pictures of what was right before one’s eyes, right before one’s eyes. The miracle of photography, which Polaroids instantly exposed, never lost its primitive magic. And what resulted, as so many sentimentalists today lament, was a memory coming into focus on a small rectangle of film." 

Michael Kimmelman for the New York Times in 'The Polaroid: Imperfect, yet magical'

I've loved Polaroids for as long as I can remember and the above sums it up perfectly. I took one along to my first ever shoot for Sondr. It felt monumental, something I had created was coming to life and I wanted to remember it through the magic of those small rectangular pieces of film. I think that was the first day I actually felt like it was something more than a project. I love the idea of capturing Sondr moments on Polaroids and creating a visual story book for all the memories to be made. I've shared some of the ones from the first shoot below. Enjoy!

- Sham, Founder of Sondr London

Sondr London - Chapter One Polaroids


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