Styling Sondr London // With Thea Lewis-Yates

Styling The Celebration Coin with Thea Lewis-Yates

Smart, kind and supremely talented fashion stylist and art director Thea Lewis-Yates, whose clients include the likes of Liberty London, L’Officiel, ES Magazine and Glass, speaks to Sondr London on how she styles her favourite necklace, The Celebration Coin.

As a stylist, you must have seen your fair share of jewellery, is there anything in particular that stands out about Sondr?

Sure, and I adore jewellery! Learning about new jewellery brands and craftspeople is a highlight of my job.

I was instantly drawn to the talismanic element of Sondr’s message - the idea that each piece reflects a story, adventure, and challenge, unique to its wearer.

This personal element, combined with how well the pieces work for layering, feels very current and desirable. For me, each piece of jewellery should feel like a treasure. Something special, with provenance and romance.

Why did you pick the Celebration Coin?

I adore lions! All cats really, but lions in particular - they’re so intriguing, loyal and powerful. 

We take a look below at 3 of Thea's favourite ways to style her Celebration Coin.

Look 1

The Celebration Coin is paired with a floral print dress with ruffled neckline from Liberty London.

Look 2

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate how gorgeous Thea looks 7 months pregnant with her second boy?!

The Celebration Coin is worn alongside a stars and spots dress from Rixo and pearl hair slides.

Styling the Celebration Coin with Thea Lewis

Look 3

The Celebration Coin is worn with a Cecilie Bahnsen dress and layered with a vintage opal.

Who do you draw style inspiration from?

I admire how Lou Doillon and Florence wear their jewellery - it feels idiosyncratic and believable, rather than a prescribed ‘look’.

What are you hoping to see next coming from Sondr?

Earrings and rings please! Sondr’s charms, on a smaller scale, would work brilliantly for small, individual hoop earrings. 

...We're working on it! Watch this space.

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