The Story of the Here & Now Collection

Sondr London - The Here & Now Collection

Here & Now is my brand-new collection dedicated to not sweating the small stuff.

I’m launching this collection in a series of capsule drops. Each drop is a fresh take on the main theme of living in the moment.

The Inspiration

Do me a favour and close your eyes for a minute. When was the last time you took a deep breath and just appreciated the moment you’re in? Booked that flight to Ibiza without over thinking it? Threw societies expectations of what you should be doing with your life out the window, and instead did whatever the hell you wanted?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day, we forget to have those moments where we drive with the roof down, throw our hands up in the air and just let the stresses blow away in the wind.

On my travels, one of the best things I came across were people who shunned societies view on what they should be doing when they’re 20,25,30. Go to uni, get a job, save for a house, find a partner, settle down and frankly, gave it the finger.

With Here & Now, I wanted to bring you tactile and uplifting jewellery that felt fun, easy to wear and allowed you focus more on having a good time and less on other stuff like what jewellery to wear. I’ve got that bit covered.

Expect layering chains to add to your necklace stack, my first ever earrings and bangles and pearls that are anything but traditional. All crafted in London's Hatton Garden, just for you.

The Design Process

I launched Sondr’s first pair of earrings in Here & Now so here’s the behind the scenes on the design process.

Blowing bubbles always takes me back to being a kid. Running around chasing after them and catching them before they popped. Much like making sure you enjoy the good times while you have them.

From 3D drawing, to wax print, casting clean up and completed master. The Bubble Hoops are here to remind to start living (and dressing) like each day was your last!

Sondr London - Bubble Hoop Earrings Process

Styling Tip

Pair with a simple black cami to really make this textured design pop.

Sondr London - Bubble Hoop Earrings Styling Tip
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