The Story of the Leap of Faith Necklace

The Story of the Leap of Faith Necklace

The Inspiration

Meet the Leap of Faith Necklace. I might be a little sentimental over this one, as we do with most firsts don't we?

To understand the inspiration behind the design, I have to tell you a little about how I was feeling when I decided to create Sondr. I’m a Chartered Accountant by trade, after a few years working in the city for companies with cultures that didn’t resonate with what I felt life should be about, I was pretty disillusioned about my future.

It took me ages to pluck up the courage to just give something different a crack. As a British Indian girl, I definitely didn’t have any role models growing up doing anything creative, so I never really got to explore that side of me. I wanted the first piece and the whole Chapter One collection to be about backing yourself and taking that leap of faith. A reminder that sometimes in life, you just have to wing it, wear it on days you want to feel more confident and strong.

The Design Process

I work with extremely talented jewellers in Hatton Garden to create my pieces. Tradesmen and women who have honed their craft by working with brands and independent designers for many years. I’m not a jeweller so I collaborate with those that are to bring my designs to life. We began by taking my vision of an intricate set of eagle wings and translating it into a 3D design.

After 3D printing the design in a special wax, the unique textured surface was applied carefully and masterfully by hand. A big lover of vintage and the idea that nothing in life is perfect, I wanted to make sure all my designs reflected this. So you can expect a nod to vintage style, textures, uneven edges in my jewellery.

Finally, we cast the wax to create the bronze master using the age-old process of lost wax casting. 

The Story of the Leap of Faith Necklace

Styling Tip

Your Sondr jewels are designed to work day and night, dressed up and down. For me, I love this piece styled with tailored blazers and simple tops to add a bit of texture and edge. 


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