What is demi-fine jewellery?

You might have heard the term demi-fine increasingly used over the last few years to describe jewellery and wondered what it meant. So, we're here to clear up a few things for you.


Bridging the gap between markets

The demi-fine jewellery market has been growing at a phenomenal rate over the last few years. It bridges the gap between the high street and high-end markets. If like us, you’re not a fan of high street jewellery, jewellery that discolours within two weeks of buying it and contributes to the fast fashion machine; but you also don’t want to spend a small fortune on owning made to last, beautiful pieces then the demi-fine jewellery market is here to answer your prayers.

Your jewellery from Sondr London

Our pieces are 18 karat gold plated bronze or sterling silver. Usually on the high street, your gold-plated jewellery is what is called ‘flash plated,’ this is a thin layer of gold plate, normally about 0.25 microns which is why it discolours so easily and means the cost is kept down. We plate all our jewellery with 2 microns of gold plating which, when treated correctly and with care, is enough to last a long time.

We make timeless, made to last, beautiful talismans that are there to elevate your every day. Everything is made to order so you can shop happily knowing that you’re not contributing to the fast fashion movement and will be buying something made just for you.

Demi-fine, demi-mine

So, you’re all clued up on what demi-fine jewellery is. Time to browse our collections, pick your favourite piece and go from demi-fine to demi-mine!

Shop our pieces here.

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