It’s what you’re made of that counts

Isn’t that the truth? It’s all about substance here at Sondr although you can be damn sure your jewels are pretty on the outside too. It’s important for me to make sure you know exactly what goes into your jewels and how they’re crafted to last.

18kt gold plated bronze, brass and gold filled

Each piece starts off with a bronze or brass base. I then plate your jewels with a thick layer, 2 microns, of real 18kt recycled gold using the electroplating method. That’s quite a substantial layer and will make your pieces durable so you can wear them as often as you’d like without worrying about them tarnishing.

Some of my chains are described as gold filled. That means that the base metal core of brass is mechanically bonded with a layer of gold equal to at least 5% of the chain's total weight.

In comparison, high street jewellery can be described as ‘flash plated’, ‘gold toned’ or ‘dipped’ in gold. This gives it the bare minimum gold layer, usually 0.25 microns or less, which keeps the cost down but also means your jewellery is going to tarnish very quickly.

It’s not about cheap, throw-away jewellery at Sondr. I craft pieces to last to make sure I'm doing my bit to avoid waste.

Sondr London - Materials - 18kt gold plated bronze

Sterling silver and gold vermeil

My sterling silver castings are crafted from recycled silver. Pure silver is too soft to make jewellery that’s particularly durable, so I use 925 sterling silver. That means 92.5% pure silver and the rest is made up of alloys such as copper to make it stronger and better for wear.

Each sterling silver piece (if over the legal weight limit) is hallmarked by the Assay Office here in London to officially give it the seal of approval. The mark tells you who made it, when and where it was tested and marked and the guaranteed standard of fineness.

Gold plated silver, or gold vermeil as it's usually known, a sterling silver base is plated with a thick 3 micron layer of 18kt recycled gold.

Sondr London - Materials - Sterling silver


To learn how to take care of your Sondr London jewellery, read our caring guide here.