The Demi-Diaries

Um, we’re not just a pretty face.

Meet the Demi-Diaries, written by, (and for) the creative and curious. We’re the glass demi-full sort, and, just like our jewellery, we radiate joy. Join us for sit-down stories, down-to-earth guidance and conversations that inspire change. 

Sondr London Blog - The Demi-Fine Diaries

Our treasures are crafted with something special in mind. Think occasionwear, created to be worn every day. Here, you can learn more about our process. From design to doorstep, we want to share the joy that goes into creating your treasures. And, the stories behind our makers. 

It’s also the place to discover our newest additions - from necklaces to bracelets, our treasures are designed to dazzle (especially when they’re worn by you).

Sondr London Blog - The Demi-Shine Diaries

We truly believe in the power of telling stories. And, we’re proud to be the sharing (and caring) sort.

Here, we’ll shine a spotlight on the humans that inspire us and the stories that inspire them. Expect unique perspectives, conversation-starting conversations and guides that will compel you to explore.